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North Winton Village is a vibrant urban neighborhood covering the Winton Road corridor from the Conrail underpass north to the Irondequoit town line. Membership in the association is also open to residents who live in the area between the Brighton town line and Culver Road.


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North Winton Village Association
P.O. Box 10835
Rochester, New York 14610
Phone: 585-234-6029

Mary CoffeyCo Chair - phone: 482-1382

Marilyn Schutte • Co Chair - phone: 482-2898 - w 461-6324

Tom Green • Vice Chair - phone: 288-7665

Bill Seremetis • Treasurer - phone: 482-3640

Marilyn ParchusFinancial Officer - phone: 224-9766

Laurie Outermans • Secretary - phone: 654-6928

Board Members:
John Coraggioioso • phone: 288-4570
Peggy Michniewiez • phone: 288-1248
Karen Olyslager • phone: 428-6683
Holly Petsos • phone: 288-0955
Marion Ross • phone: 585-288-6635
Denise Speicher • phone:
Mary Steves • phone: 381-1710
James Vamvakitis • phone: 288-5503


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North Winton Village Association representing merchants and residents of Winton Road North, Blossom Road, Browncroft Blvd., East Main Street, Atlantic Avenue and Humbolt on the east side of the City of Rochester New York.