Beautify North Winton Village
North Winton Village Association takes great pride in the community wide support of its beautification efforts. The area is blooming in the spring, summer, and fall with flowers faithfully maintained by the association. Below is a list of some of the enhancements North Winton Village association has brought to this area.
We always welcome participation in any of these projects.


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Beautification Projects 2004:
Year 2004 proved to be busy for North Winton Village. To start, many thanks to the several volunteers, organizations, and businesses, that participated in this year’s beautification projects. This year’s Day of Caring was attended by volunteers from Enterprise Rent-A-Car who dug around light poles and prepared the soil for planting marigolds. Two weeks later, over 75 Girl Scouts, leaders, and neighbors, planted marigolds up and down N. Winton, E. Main, Atlantic, and Merchants roads. In all over 12 gardens were weeded and mulched, 50 container gardens planted, and countless light poles adorned with marigolds.

Our winter decorations which are wreaths are currently in place along North Winton Rd.

Beautification Projects 2001 - 2003:
Gazebo Park - North Winton Rd., Merchants Rd., Elm Drive

North Winton Village Banners:
Winton Road North, Browncroft Blvd., Atlantic Rd., East Main St.

Period Street Lighting:
Winton Rd North at Irondequoit TL to Merchants Road, Future locations along Atlantic Avenue

Hanging Flower Baskets:

Flower Planters:
Winton Road North, East Main St., Humboldt St., Atlantic Ave., Merchants Rd.

Neighborhood Entry Signs & Gardens:
Entry Signs: East High Gardens on Atlantic & Culver, East Main & Culver
North Winton/Irodequiot Town line,
North Winton & University@ Mytee Muffler

• Flag Pole Garden at Gazebo Park
• Gazebo Garden on North Winton Rd., Merchant Rd., Elm Drive
• North Winton & East Main St.
• Dime Bank Lot Gardens
• Winton Road Branch Public Library Garden
• Tops Garden
• Blossom & North Winton Gardens
• Humboldt/Culver Garden
• Humboldt/ North Winton Garden
• RTS Bus Turn-around
on Blossom Road

Nieghborhood Accents:
Trash Recepticles
Bicycle Lock Stands
Brick & Concrete Bus Stops


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North Winton Village Association representing merchants and residents of Winton Road North, Blossom Road, Browncroft Blvd., East Main Street, Atlantic Avenue and Humbolt on the east side of the City of Rochester New York.